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Neil Thompson is co-author with Paul Gerrard (of Systeme Evolutif) of the 430-page book "Risk-Based E-Business Testing". This was published by Artech House in August 2002, and has a companion website, www.riskbasedtesting.com.

A tutorial based on the book, but also featuring additional material, was co-presented with Paul Gerrard to the European Conference on Software Testing, Analysis & Review (EuroSTAR) in November 2002.

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Neil has also written and presented papers to several other EuroSTAR conferences, and to STAREast in the USA. He has presented at the British Computer Society (BCS) Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGIST) and to Electromind's Testing Master Class. Neil has also prepared presentations for internal use by his clients, and has written for Professional Tester magazine. A chronological list of publications follows:

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